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Create and edit a project or a site (legacy document)

The Productsup platform provides two different levels for organizing your product feeds.

  • Project level - The project level is the highest view. A project can contain testing and live sites.

  • Site level - Each site is unique and must contain at least one import feed. You can set up sites for different territories or business units. You also set up export feeds for external channels within each site.

    To organize their workflow efficiently, users can sort sites per project.


Edit an existing project

Select the project you want to edit and select settings in the sidebar. You can change a project's name or delete an entire project.

Note that you can only delete a project after all sites in that project are first deleted.


Edit an existing site

Select the site you want to edit and select Edit Site, the last tab on the sidebar. You can edit the site's name, language and also delete the site.