Make a copy of a site

Copy from an existing site

Select a Project for the new site. Select Add Site.


Enter a name for the new site in the Title field. In the Create or Copy dropdown select Create a new Site or Create a Copy of an Existing Site.


To choose the site you want to copy from, select its name in the dropdown menu, and select the Select button to confirm.

This operation generally overwrites data in the destination site unless filenames, folders, or buckets are updated. However, a copy written to the Productsup server is an exception since the URLs are created based on-site and export parameters that are unique for every site.


Toggling on Copy with Export A/B Destinations copies the source's export channels to the new site.

Select Copy Selected Site to confirm.


The new site is now available in the destination project, and you are automatically redirected to the Data Sources tab of this site.

Features copied to the new site

  • Import feeds (Data Sources)

  • Import Website crawler (Data Sources)

  • Import ID attribute (Data Sources)

  • Services and Service settings (Data Sources)

  • Tracking Settings (Tracking Settings)

  • Default, Normalization, Mapping, and Category Mapping lists shared on the site level (Lists)

  • Tags (Edit Site)

  • ROI Rules (ROI Strategy)

  • Segments (Data View)

  • If selected: Export Destinations.

Features not copied to the new site

  • Scheduling

  • Tracking Data

  • Lists (a list is available only if assigned to an account, not to a specific Site)

  • All import feeds from Productsup FTP server (feeds starting with

Since tracking data are not copied, ROI rules based on tracking KPI, such as clicks and order, no longer function.

You can use Bulk Change to copy multiple sites at once between projects.