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Check your sites' status (legacy document)

Possible site states

Active – This is the default state. When a site is active, scheduling is active. Feeds are downloaded, processed, and uploaded.

Inactive / Pause Upload – When this is a site's status, scheduling is still enabled, and feeds are downloaded but are not uploaded to export channels. Even if you manually initiate processes by selecting the “Import” or “Import & Export” buttons, the data is not sent to export channels. Using this status is helpful when you want to modify Dataflow and ensure amended data is not published before it is ready.

Please be aware that paused sites are treated as Maintained Products.

Disabled – All site features are accessible and can be adjusted, but you cannot initiate downloads, processing, or export processes.

Disabled sites are not treated as Maintained Products.

Where to find this?

You can set a site's status with the buttons under State in Overview. Tooltips also appear when you hover your cursor over these buttons.


You can also set a site's status on the Edit Site page. There is a similar group of buttons on this page, but in this case, the icons are replaced with the text: Active, Pause, Upload, and Disable.