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Set up bulk changes


Bulk changes are operations (such as Import & Export All or Delete Sites) that occur simultaneously for more than one site.

Available bulk actions

  • Activate/Deactivate Sites: Toggle sites between active and inactive.

  • Add Dataflow Boxes: Copy boxes from one site to several others. Make sure the connections exist in all given sites for this operation to work. Existing boxes are overwritten. Select only the site containing the source boxes from the first step.

  • Add Dataflow Connection: Add the same Dataflow connection to multiple sites. Use Dataflow instead if you want to add a connection to a single site.

  • Copy Data Sources: Enables you to copy a specific data source and its settings from one site to additional sites.

  • Copy Exports: Enables you to copy a specific export channel from one site to additional sites. In addition, export destinations and Dataflow can be copied.

  • Copy Segments: Enables you to copy segments from one site to additional sites.

  • Delete Exports: Deletes multiple exports from a site.

  • Delete Sites: Deletes all selected sites.

  • Disable Export: Disable an existing export for all selected sites.

  • Enable Export: Enables a new export for all selected sites.

  • Import: Import data for all selected sites

  • Import & Export All: Import, process, and export data for selected sites

  • Map Dataflow Boxes from one dataflow to multiple export channels: Copy boxes from one export dataflow to all other export dataflows based on a template from a source site.

  • Map one import column to multiple export channels: Enables you to map a new import column to all export channels for a site.

  • Move into Project: Move selected sites into another project.

  • Remove Service Data-Sources: Removes Productsup data services such as data crawler and split variants.

  • Reset Sites: Deletes all product data. For exports with delta creation, the next export is a complete export.

Locate bulk option menu

This option is available in the account and project levels. The Bulk Option button is next to the Add Project or Add Site buttons on the top right corner.


Select sites for bulk action

The Bulk Tool shows all sites within the account or project, depending on which level you initially accessed the tool. Select the sites you want to change and select Next Step.

Please note: If you want to copy Dataflow boxes, you must select the original site. You can select the target site(s) in the Operation Details section.


Choose bulk action

Select the bulk operation you want to execute. Only one bulk action can occur at a time. Select Next Step to continue.


Activate bulk action

The next step, and page, that you see depend on the previous action. This example uses Enable Export.

Select the Export channel you want to activate and select Execute.


Confirm bulk action

A confirmation message appears at the end of the operation.