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Site navigation features (legacy document)

Figure 1. Features of the Dashboard
Features of the Dashboard

The Dashboard offers a quick overview of a site. It includes charts and additional information including:

  • Amount of exported products

  • Error Score

  • Status

  • Export History

Figure 2. Features of Data Sources
Features of Data Sources

In Data Sources, you can add your import feed(s) and set schedules.

Figure 3. Features of Exports
Features of Exports

Use Exports to activate new exports, set the export settings, run A/B tests or activate Productsup tracking.

Figure 4. Features of Dataflow
Features of Dataflow

The Dataflow tab offers you an overview of how product information is processed for distribution to export channels.

Figure 5. Features of Data View
Features of Data View

Data View gives users a clear and direct insight into their feed and product data.

Figure 6. Features of Lists

Use the List feature for category mapping or creating blacklists and normalization lists. Lists can help you match your shop categories with marketplace taxonomies such as Google Merchant Center or Amazon export channel.

Figure 7. Features of ROI Strategy
Features of ROI Strategy

ROI Strategy enables you to optimize your product data feed with performance tracking data and KPIs.

Figure 8. Features of Reporting
Features of Reporting

Reporting contains tracking data.

Figure 9. Features of the Error Log
Features of the Error Log

Error Log contains records of errors and warnings.

Figure 10. Features of Monitor
Features of Monitor

Monitoring lets you manage errors when they occur by setting up email alerts and process breaks.

Figure 11. Features of Activity
Features of Activity

Activity provides short summaries on the following site activities:

  • Maintained Products

  • Exported Products

  • Clicks

Figure 12. Features of Tracking
Features of Tracking

Configure your tracking columns and get the Productsup tracking pixels from the Tracking tab.

Figure 13. Features of Settings
Features of Settings

Rename, delete, or move a site to another project.