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Dashboard (legacy document)

The Dashboard is your first source of truth in every Site. Providing an overview over the most important metrics, it guides you towards action steps that might be necessary to improve your feed.


The status bar

The status bar gives you a quick impression of your sites status without going into too much detail.

When your site has been freshly created and you haven't done anything, yet, the status bar will ask you to add a data source and an export.


When a Data Source has been added, but no export, the status bar will ask you to add an export. 6149d5317a07e.png

Vice versa, if an export has been added, but no import, yet, the status bar will ask you to do so. 6149d5326d65b.png

A site with a complete setup that does not have any issues will show the following status bar. No actions are necessary since everything works as expected.


In case there were minor issues while processing the site, one of the two following messages will be shown. (One recommending to setup monitor events, if there aren't any). The error log will give insights on the issues mentioned here.


If there was a failure within the last run, the banner message will indicate this and recommend immediate action. This case means that your site had major issues and no new feeds have been exported. A look into the error log and give deeper insights. In case you are not able to solve the issues on your own, please contact the Productsup support.


The right half of the status bar shows you information about the last run and when the next scheduled run will happen. In case no channel or destination has been set to active, an exclamation mark will indicate this and hovering over it will provide more context.


The Tiles

The imported items tile shows the number of imported items. Below the number the deviation is shown in total items.


The exported items tile shows the number of exported items. Below the number the deviation is shown in total items.


The warnings and errors tile shows the number of warnings and errors that occured durung the last run. Below the numbers the deviation is shown. On the right half, the error severity is shown. Clicking on "View error log" will open the error log, which provides a more detailed overview over the warnings and errors that occured.


The Channel readiness tile shows the Channel readiness for every export channel, to give a brief overview over the completeness.


The Import history overview visualizes the imported items and deviation over either the last 20 or 100 runs. Clicking on the graph will provide more information about a specific run. Clicking "View import history" will open the complete import history.


The Processing time tile shows the time the last run needed. It is split into the times to import, process and export and showing the deviation aswell.