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Dashboard Charts Graphs (legacy document)

The Dashboard offers a quick overview of all meta data of the current Site.

Products: - Amount of imported products for the last 10 runs - Run ID: ID of the last process - Date: date of the last import

Error Score: - Score: score for the last 10 runs. 0 is the highest/best score and 1000 the lowest/worst. - Run ID: ID of the last process - Date: date of the last import

Status: - Health: The "Health" of the last run. "Failed", "Warning" & "Normal" - State: Live changing state when we process the feed - Last Run: Time of last run

This Month:

  • Exported: Amount of exported Products for this month

  • Maintained: Amount of maintained Products this month

  • Clicks: Overall clicks for the current month

Current Run

  • Running since: starting time of the last process

  • Estimated: estimated finish time of the current process

  • Last Duration: Duration of the last process (see the last nine processes by clicking on the info icon)

Queued Runs

  • Queued: Amount of process in queue

  • Since: starting time of the first running process

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Figure 2. TITLE

Export History: Provides date, amount of exported products and error score for each export channel.