Supported Import Files and Formats

We basically support every file-based format such as CSV/TSV/TXT, XML and can build API's whenever there is the demand for it.

1 - File-based

CSV: The common file type for data feeds are comma (or any other character) separated files (CSV). Tab-separated files are also sometimes called TSV.

XML: We also support the import of feeds created in the extensible markup language (XML). As RSS is a derived format of this, we can also work with news feeds.

Supported transfer protocolsfor these file types are HTTP(S) and FTP. These connections can be password-protected. Importing data via other protocols (like SFTP) is something that needs individual setup by us and is usually not really needed (As your data will probably be publicly listed later on anyway).

2 - API-based

We support the import from multiple Shop-Systems and APIs. You can also request an API token from our Support team and push your data directly to our Productsup API.

3 - Website Crawling

If you have troubles proving an extensive data feed, we can crawl your website for additional information. It is also possible to create a feed from scratch based on your website. If your data needs to be updated very often, than this is not a good way to retrieve information like the availability on this way.

In this article you can find more detailed information on how to import data into our platform.Import from a URL