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Import data sources with JSON feeds (legacy document)

The Productsup platform converts imported JSON files into a compatible format by a custom parser.

Note the following:

  • Every product in a JSON file contains attribute names and values.

  • Every product opens with a curly bracket and closes with a curly bracket.

  • Most JSON files do include a root node.


The JSON Settings tab has several optional fields.


If your JSON file has a root node, you may need to enter a value in the root node field. For example:


In this case, 'item' is a root node.

If your JSON file has variant nodes, and you want to import these variants, you need to enter them in the variant node field.


In this example, "variant" is the variant node.

Attributes that recur in the JSON file generate new columns. For example, if the file has three color attributes, it generates columns titled: color_1, color_2, color_3.

Select Bundle if you want to group the attributes into one column, separated by a delimiter.

If you want to exclude certain items from the import, enter these items into the Exclude Items field.