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Export AB (legacy document)

The distribution of high quality data is a key part of feed management. Within the Export A/B section you'll find everything necessary to add channels, define file formats and setup the right connection to get your data to the target location.

  • How to add a channel and set it up is explained in Add export channel.

  • In cases where the channel does not have it's own destination, this article on our Standard Destinations provides guidance.

  • Sometimes it becomes necessary to copy a channel, the Copy Export Channel article shows how do to that.

  • We have created a selection of Best Practices when it comes to exporting your data to Google.

  • To A/B Test different export version, the article on A/B Testing explained will guide you through.

  • It is possible to arrange the Order of Exports to make sure higher priority exports are processed first.

  • Certain Channels require specific configurations. Elaborated Instructions are provided in the section "How to configure your export".

  • In case you want to export data into another site (for aggregation cases as an example) the Productsup Platform provides the so-called Export to Data Source Channel.