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Copy export channel

This article describes how you can copy Dataflows of single export channels either between sites or within the same site.


  • If you want to purely duplicate a channel within the same site, you can use the Duplicate feature.

  • If you want to import an entire Dataflow including all channels from site A to B use the Import Dataflow option in the Edit Site tab

When is this feature helpful?

  • Imagine you have a perfectly optimized Google export in one site and want to copy it to another site. Since you can not use Import Dataflow as you only want to copy this one single channel and you can also not duplicate the channel as this only works within the same site, you can use the option to Duplicate exports.

  • If you want to migrate your exports from the legacy Exports tab into Exports to be up to date with our latest developments, this feature gives you the chance to choose an "old" export and migrate it into a new one.

What is the scope of this feature?

  • Copy Dataflows using the same template (e.g. Google)

  • Copy Dataflows using different templates (e.g. copy a Google channel into a Facebook template)

  • Copy Dataflows from the legacy Exports tab into Exports (e.g. if you want to A/B test with them)

  • This feature will copy Segments from Source Channel to Target Channel

All columns that are part of export A but not of export B will be added as custom columns in the target channel. The same applies for Intermediate columns - if not present in site B they will be added as custom Intermediate columns.

Special case for copying from the legacy Exports tab

Any sites added after January 2016 will not be affected by this.

You can not copy an "old" legacy channel from Exports into another template in Exports - it only works if the old and the new channel are using the same template.

Example: If you want to copy your legacy Google channel into a Facebook channel in Exports, you need to create a Google channel in Exports first. This will act as a "container", so you can copy Google to Google (Exports) first, before copying Google to Facebook within Exports.

How to use this feature

  1. Go to Exports tab

  2. Click on Copy Dataflow in the top right corner

  1. Select the site and channel you want to use as a source in the top part of the modal and the target site and channel in the lower part

Please keep in mind: You can copy from the legacy Exports tab, but not into it. Use Exports to be in line with our latest developments.


Once the copy is done you will be directed to the Dataflow of the target channel.

As a backup, there is an automatically created Versionof the Dataflow saved in the target site. In case anything did not work as expected you can roll back to that version and get the channel back in the state it was in before.