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Import Dataflow (legacy document)

It is possible to copy a Dataflow from one site into another one within the same account.

Use case

A company has an online shop in Germany and Austria, each site having very similar data structures. Here you can run the same optimization for the two similar feeds without having to create a manual copy.

Requirements: - The import feeds of the two sites should ideally be identical, or at least similar (with only a few attributes more, or less in the feed). - The column names must match (E.g.: If Feed A has column name "Size" but Feed B has column name "Sizes", the connection will be marked red as the data will not be transferable.) It is also case sensitive (size != Size) - The previously activated export channels for both sites A and B must be the same.


  • The platform will copy the Dataflow for all export channels. You can't copy only one channel.

  • Importing a Dataflow will erase all your existing connections and boxes. There is no possibility to recover your data unless you saved a version before import the new Dataflow.

How it works: The platform will copy the connections and the boxes from Site A, and paste them in Site B.

Example: This Dataflow is in Site "". There are existing connections and boxes.


In the second Site "", the import feed is almost identical to the feed in ""


To copy the Dataflow, click on Edit-Site in ""


Click on Import Dataflow


Click on Continue


Select the Site with the Dataflow to copy. In this case you want to copy from

Click on Continue


Click on Import

After a few seconds, the Dataflow will be loaded


The upload was successful. All the connections and boxes are copied.


If you see red connections, it means that the feed in the second Site doesn't contain the same columns as in the first Site, or your corresponding columns have different names.

In this example, model and old_price are missing in the feed from and therefore the connection is not working.


Solution: The connection between "model" in Import and "mpn" in Intermediate exists in If you have another column in your import feed containing this value, for example "manufacture_part_number", connect it to "mpn" and choose Replace. It will replace the connection and keep the box(es).


If you don't need this connection, click on the connection and click on Delete


Again, remember: the import feeds of the two sites should be identical