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Boxes - Text Template (legacy document)

If you need to concatenate attributes from your source feed, you can use Append/Prepend Column.

If you have a lot of attributes to link together, it might be easier to use the box Text Template.

How it works:

Enter your text and use placeholders to integrate attributes in your text.


To dynamically add the value of an attribute within the text, enter the EXACT name of the attribute between a set of two brackets ("curly brackets"):


Example: You want to add the value from the attribute "brand"


If the column name contains a whitespace or special character you cannot add the column with the curly bracket only. To add those fields use the following format:

{{ fromField('column name with whitespaces')|raw }}

Please note:

  • If the attribute's name is not written correctly, nothing will be added to the text.

  • Between Import and Intermediate, you can only add an attribute from the Import.

  • Between Intermediate and Export, you can only add an attribute from the Intermediate.

  • You can add the date using the following php format, for example the date of today: