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Boxes - Categorize by Keywords (legacy document)

Categorization can be a very time-consuming job. To make it easier for you, the "Categorize by Keywords" box can be utilized.

What does it do?

The "Categorize by Keywords" box uses normalization lists that have been populated with groups of keywords and the category.




womens shoes

Apparel & Accessories > Shoes

ladies skirt

Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Skirts

It checks the selected attribute (most likely description or title) for the keywords and assigns the category when there is a match.


Glittering dancing skirt by Fine Yarn Ladies Apparel

This would match ladies and skirt and assign the category "Apparel & Accessories > Clothing > Skirts".

How to set it up

As a first step it is necessary to prepare a Standard Replacement list. The list can either be prepared as a file and then imported via URL, or directly created in the platform.

As a second step the "Categorize by Keywords" box needs to be added to the attribute that should contain the categorization in DataView or Dataflow (in most cases the category attribute).


Now the column that needs to be searched for keywords needs to be selected from the first dropdown. The second dropdown lets the user select the list containing the keywords and categories.