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Security Information - SAP Product Content Hub (legacy document)

SAP Product Content Hub

SAP Product Content Hub is sending product data to Productsup using the Productsup Platform API. This connection usses HTTPS (TLS, SSLv3) to transfer data.

When needed, Productsup also transfers data to external marketing channels such as Google, Facebook, Amazon and hundreds more. The integration depends on the use case and protocol used. Users are advised to audit the type of encryption to these targets before usage.

Most popular Productsup sources and destinations

Productsup Server

  • Protocol: HTTPS

  • Enrcyption: TLS, SSLv3

SFTP Server

  • Protocol: SSH

  • Enrcyption: depending on the target host (AES, 3DES, ...)

Google Merc hant Center API

  • Protocol: HTTPS

  • Encryption: TLS, SSLv3

Facebook Marketing API

  • Protocol: HTTPS

  • Enrcyption: TLS, SSLv3

FTP Server,

  • Protocol: FTP

  • Enrcyption: None