Copy a site

Copy a site that contains your product identifier settings and more in Productsup.

What does a copied site contain?

When copying a site, the following items are copied:

  • Data sources

  • Product identifier settings

  • Data services

  • Tracking settings

  • Default, Normalization, Mapping, and Category Mapping lists shared on site-level

  • Site tags

  • ROI rules

  • Data View segments

You can copy the export destinations and also overwrite the feeds from the source site, see Copy export feed destinations in the source site.

You can also copy scheduling from another site, see Copy scheduling from a source site.

A number of items are not copied:

  • Tracking Data

  • All import feeds from the Productsup server destination, such as feeds beginning with


Since tracking data is NOT copied, the ROI rules based on tracking KPIs, such as clicks, orders, etc., do not work.

Copy export feed destinations in the source site

You have the option to copy all destinations of your export feeds from your source site to your copied site. This means that you will overwrite the data from the source site if filenames, folders, or buckets don’t change.

An exception here is the Productsup Server destination, which will always be unique.

The default option for this is Off, you can select it in the UI when copying a site.


Copy scheduling from a source site

You can copy the scheduling or trigger settings from your source site, meaning that the site will process according to this.

The default option for this is Off, you can select it in the UI when copying a site.


Copy an existing site

You can also copy a current site if you would prefer to use the basis of a site you have already set up. This could save you time and allow you to copy large amounts of the configuration.

  1. Go to a project where you wish to add a site.

  2. Select ADD SITE.

  3. Enter a name for your site.

  4. Select Create a copy of an existing site from the drop-down menu.

  5. Choose Select a site to copy from the drop-down menu.

  6. Choose Select.

  7. Configure whether you want to Copy with Export A/B Destinations or Copy with Scheduling & Triggering by toggling the On/Off button.

  8. Select Copy Selected Site.