Import a file from an HTTP/FTP link

Import your data source file from an HTTP/FTP link in Productsup.

To import your data source from an HTTP(s) link or an FTP Server, use the Feed URL data source option. HTTP(s) or FTP-hosted links can be imported through this data source.

The Feed URL data source option supports the following file formats:

You can also compress the following files:

  • .bz2

  • .zip

  • .gz

How to import a file from a link

  1. Go to Data Sources from your site's main menu and select ADD DATA SOURCE.

  2. Search for Feed URL as the data source and select Add.

  3. Give your data source a custom name (optional).

    1. This custom name replaces the name of the data source option on the Data Sources overview page.

  4. Select Continue.

  5. Enter the Source URL, FTP, or HTTP URL.

  6. Enter your login credentials in Username and Password, if necessary.

    1. You can also use an SSH Key or Basic Authentication.

    2. To do this, select the password button and choose a new method in the drop-down menu.

  7. Add a description, if desired.

    1. Here, you can also give your data source a custom name. See step 5.

  8. If you require a custom setup, contact Support can enter the relevant information in the Plugin section.

  9. Select Save.

Adding advanced settings for your file type

You can modify some advanced technical settings for your import files.

  1. Go to Data Sources and select the settings icon for the relevant Feed URL data source to access the advanced settings.

  2. Under Content Options, you can find the advanced technical settings.