Enhance your products with additional data sources

Enhance your product feed data with additional data sources in Productsup.

If you want to integrate additional product data with your existing import feed, you can merge your main feed with an additional feed by adding a secondary data source.

The additional data source will be linked to the products in your main data source via an identifier (usually an ID). You will be able to see the additional data as new columns in your feed.

See Add additional feeds to add an additional data source.

The difference between main and additional data sources

Main data sources add new products to the platform, whilst additional data sources extend the product information of current products (by adding new columns).

In the Data View, you can see you main feed that you already imported:


If we want to add more products here, we can either edit the original main source or add a second main source. Here is an example of a second main source:


We also have another file with pricing information, for the products which we already have. We should import this as an additional data source, as it is extending data horizontally which we already have in the platform.

Here is our raw additional data source:


All products will be extended, where there is a match in the identifier columns. In the main data source, the identifier column is id and in the additional data source, it is SKU.


Add additional feeds

  1. Navigate to a site

  2. Within the left-hand menu, navigate to the Data Sources tab

  3. Click add data source

  4. Choose the relevant data source where you want to import the data from

  5. Set up the data source

    1. For more information on which options are available and how to import different types of data, see Import data from internal systems.

    2. For more information on which options are available how to import data from external systems, see Import data from third-party external systems.

  6. Select Save

  7. Navigate to data sources

  8. Click on the settings wheel to edit your data source

  9. Scroll down to the content mode section

  10. Select additional data feed

  11. Define your identifier columns over which you will establish the connection

  12. Click save all settings


    When matching your data sources by selecting the columns with the identifier:

    • The column name is case sensitive

    When adding product information from your additional data source:

    • Columns from your additional data source that are not part of the main data source will be added as new columns

    • Columns from your additional data source that already exists in the platform will overwrite the values

    If a product in your main feed does not have a match through the identifier column in your additional feed, then this will be ignored.

Change the order of additional data sources

If you are importing more than one additional Data Source, you can rearrange them.

If your data sources contain columns with the exact same name, they will overwrite each other. In this case, the value from the last data source in your order will be the one that is eventually imported.

To change the order of additional data sources:

  1. Navigate to a site

  2. Navigate to data sources

  3. Reorder the additional data source by clicking on the icon next to the data source image and dragging it into the desired position