Schedule your sites to automatically process

Schedule your sites to automatically process runs at certain intervals per day in Productsup.

You can set up automatic scheduling so that your site can be run at certain intervals per day.


Scheduling always triggers a full run. This includes all aspects of processing, from importing your data source to exporting your feeds. A site can never have two simultaneous runs. If a site is scheduled or triggered to run whilst a current process is still running, then this will go into the queue. After the current process is finished, the next one can begin.


Make sure you leave enough time between your scheduled runs for the site to process, otherwise the platform adds runs to the queue.

Add scheduling

You can add as many different schedules as desired, but only for all imports and exports within a site. Additionally, you can't set up individual schedules for different data sources or exports within the same site.


You can use multiple schedules to create more complex scheduling, such as having a site process twice in an hour at different minutes.

In order to set up scheduling for a site, you should:

  1. Navigate to your site

  2. Navigate to data sources

  3. Click on scheduling

  4. Click add schedule

  5. Choose the days, hours, and minutes you want your site to be scheduled

    1. you can use them every day, every 2nd day, or every hour buttons to quickly add repetitive scheduling

  6. Click save

  • scheduling.png

Edit or remove scheduling

To edit or remove scheduling:

  1. Navigate to data sources

  2. Click on scheduling

  3. Click edit

    1. either change your scheduling and click save

    2. or click remove to delete the schedule


Set up the timezone for scheduling

You can select the timezone for your scheduling. The default timezone is that set in your user profile.

To set the timezone for your scheduling:

  1. Navigate to data sources

  2. Click on scheduling

  3. Select a timezone from the drop-down menu under the timezone section


Triggering a run based on the action of another site

You can also set a site to run based on an action being triggered by another site. This can be handy if you want to send data from one Productsup site to another and the second site should process upon completion of the first site.

  1. Navigate to data sources

  2. Click on trigger

  3. Click add site

  4. Add the site and event which should trigger your current site to run

  5. Click save


Now, when navigating to trigger you can see if your current site is triggered, or if it triggers other sites.

Removing a trigger

You can remove set up triggers by following the below method:

  1. Navigate to data sources

  2. Click on trigger

  3. Click remove trigger