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Import new keyword ideas from Google Ads Keyword Planner

Import new keyword ideas from Google Ads Keyword Planner in Productsup.

When creating search network campaigns, you may wish to find new relevant keyword ideas. You can import new relevant keywords based upon your products and target consumer. At the same time, historical statistics such as search volume data about the keywords will be imported, to help you justify or rank keywords.

  1. Go to Data Sources from your site's main menu and select Google Ads Keywords Planner.

  2. Select Add for the data source.

  3. Again, select Add to confirm the data source.

  4. Give your data source a specialized name (optional).

    1. This will replace the name of the data source option on the data sources overview page

  5. Select Continue.

  6. Add authentication to your Google Ads account.

  7. Enter your Google Ads customer ID, which can be found in your Google Ads account.

  8. (Optional) Enter relevant keywords you are interested in under search text. Make sure the keywords are comma-separated. You can also type in the keywords that you want to include in Included Words. Add keywords that you don't want to get results for in Excluded Words.

  9. Choose the language and country you are interested in for the keywords.

  10. Enter specific keywords to be included under include keywords (optional).

  11. Enter specific keywords to be excluded under exclude keywords (optional).

  12. Enter the number of months you want to receive data for in Monthly Searches for Last X Months:

    • For example, if you enter 3, you receive data for the last three (3) months.

  13. Define the maximum number of results under max results.

  14. You can enter an alternative description for this data source in Description (optional). See step 5.

  15. Select Save.