Apply optimizations to specific products only

Apply optimizations to specific products only in Productsup.

In some cases, you may wish to apply optimizations via boxes to only a certain subset of your products. For example, you may wish to add a certain level of discount to the price for different product categories: shoes receive a 10% discount, swimwear 20%, and the rest of the products receive a 5% discount.

Normally, adding a box will apply to all products in the column. However, you can add boxes and have them only apply to a segment of products that you define.

This way, you can optimize your rules for different subsets of products.


Segments created on the import level can be used in boxes between the import and intermediate.

Segments created on the intermediate level can be used in boxes between the intermediate and export.

Segments created on the export level can’t be used in boxes.

Applying boxes to certain segments only

In order to apply rule boxes to certain subsets of products, you first have to create a segment, and then configure the box so that it only applies to this segment.

Creating a segment


Remember to create the segment in the stage before where you want to apply it to a box.

  1. Navigate to the Data View.

  2. Add a filter.

  3. Under save as segment in the toolbar, name your segment.

  4. Click save as.

  5. The segment appears under the available segments section for you to select in the future.


Applying a segment to a box

  1. Navigate to the Data View or Dataflow.

  2. Expand the advanced options for the relevant box.

  3. Click on the tag icon.

  4. Select the relevant segment from the dropdown list by clicking on the plus icon.

  5. Click save.


Once you have added the segment to the box, the box will only apply to all products in your segment (i.e. those that meet the filter conditions you input).

As soon as a segment is successfully applied, the box header will be marked yellow.



If you add multiple segments to one box, the box will be applied to all products matching both segments you have added.