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Add Google Analytics Product Export

Add the Google Analytics Product Export in Productsup to enhance your data in Google Analytics.


Use the Google Analytics Product Export to enhance your data and provide more product information to Google Analytics.

See About Data Import to learn about importing product data in Google Analytics 4.

Add and set up Google Analytics Product Export

To add the Google Analytics Product Export in Productsup:

  1. Go to Exports from your site’s main menu and select ADD EXPORT.

  2. Search for Google Analytics Product Export, hover the pointer over the necessary export, and select Add. The platform automatically returns you to the Exports page.

    Add Google Analytics export
  3. In the Exports page, select the cogwheel icon () next to the added export.

  4. Select Add Destination and choose Google Analytics from the drop-down list. Now enter a destination Name.

  5. In Account ID, Custom Data Source ID, and Web Property ID, enter the necessary data you received from Google Analytics.

  6. Select your Google Analytics authentication. If you have not created an authentication yet, see Add OAuth authentication to external systems to set up authentication with another platform.

  7. Select Save.