API Documentation

Use Productsup API documentation for successful integration with the Productsup platform.

The REST API provides programmatic access to read and write Productsup data. Create sites, upload product data, enable export channels, and more.

Productsup Platform API

For successful integration, it is necessary to have all systems in sync. To build a more seamless integration, Productsup provides an API to upload and update data and also control further processes within the Productsup Platform. See Productsup Platform API developer documentation.

Overview of the Platform API functionalities

  • Authentication - This is crucial to access the API, a token can be requested from support@productsup.com. For more details on how to authenticate, see Authentication.

  • Version - The stable version of the Productsup Platform API is V2. To have access to all functionalities, always use the latest API version. See Version.

  • Projects - It is possible to list, create, edit and delete. See Projects.

  • Sites - It is possible to list, create, edit and delete. See Sites.

  • Site Errors - Site errors can be listed per site. They can also be created to add information to a site. See Site Errors.

  • Import History - You can request the import history per site. See Import History.

  • Channels - You can get a list of all channels in the account or from a specific site. See Channels.

  • Channel History - You can request the history of each channel. See Channel History.

  • Product Data (Write) - You can upload, commit, and discard product data. See Product Data.

  • Product Data (Read) - To request selected site product data, see Product Data.

  • Process - Use the API to trigger a site process. See Process.

  • Status - To request the status for a specific purpose, see Status.

  • API Errors - Get an overview of API Errors. See API Errors.