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Set up order sync for

Set up fulfillment export in Productsup.


The Marketplace (fulfillment by API) export lets you sync the order status by pushing updated shipping information to


  1. Go to Exports from the site's main menu, and select ADD EXPORT. Next, add Marketplace (Fulfillment by API).

  2. In the Destinations section, select Add Destination and choose (fulfillment) from the drop-down list. Now, enter a destination Name.

  3. Enter your Client ID and Secret Key that provided.

  4. Add the name of the ID column located in the feedback file, if necessary, in Feedback file connection column.

  5. Select the ID column that connects the feedback file during import, in the Main feed connection column.

  6. Turn on Feedback Import to re-import feedback that provides back into the platform.

  7. Select Active to switch the destination to On.

  8. Select Save.

  9. Go to Dataflow from the site’s main menu. Then choose Marketplace (fulfillment by API) from the drop-down menu as the data source.

  10. Connect the following Intermediate and (fulfillment) column attributes, which are necessary for providing export information:

    • item_order_unit: Add the order ID.

    • cancel_reason: Add a reason for order cancellations, as found in the Cancellation Reasons section (optional).

    • carrier_code: Provide a carrier code based on the Onlineshop API document (optional).

    • fulfilment_action: Populate with fulfil/send/cancel.

    • tracking_number: Add tracking number (if applicable).