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Import orders from

Import orders from in Productsup.

Introduction is one of the biggest marketplaces in Germany. This data source allows you to import order units from the Real Marketplace.


  1. Choose Data Sources from the site main menu, then select ADD DATA SOURCE. Next, add Orders.

  2. Enter your Client ID and Secret key that provided.

  3. In Status, select which orders you want to import. You can select more than one of the following statuses by holding the CTRL/CMD button:

    • open

    • need_to_be_sent

    • sent

    • received

    • cancelled

    • sent_and_autopaid

    • returned

    • returned_paid

  4. In Updated Since, select the timeframe of the order you want to import.

  5. You can optionally enter a custom description for the data source in Description (optional).

  6. Select Save, and the next manual or scheduled import will pull the data to your site.