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Earlier release notes

See our earlier release notes to learn about the latest improvements and updates to the Productsup platform.

We're constantly working to offer you the best Productsup experience. And to do that, here's a summary of what we've previously done...

January 2022 platform release (2022-19-01)

Help menu feature

We've made it easier for you to get help and learn more by adding a new resource menu in this update. You can now visit the Help Center, see what's new in Productsup, report an issue, and send us feedback via the Help icon.



The red dot indicator on the Help icon alerts you to new content. The indicator disappears once you open a feature marked with the red dot.

  • Choose Help Center, and we'll forward you to our Productsup Help Center.

  • Read the latest news and learn about new features and improvements in Productsup in What's new.

  • Report an issue or share your feedback and suggestions with us by selecting Share feedback.


Help Center

Got an issue, or do you need to find something specific? Get answers to your question around the clock in our Help Center. And try our powerful search feature.

We've also got a Legacy docs section so you can still find our earlier but relevant content.


What's new

Read the latest news at Productsup and learn about new features and improvements in What's new.

You can attend some exciting webinars, read our blogs, get the latest release notes, and receive training at the Productsup Academy.

Filter what you want to see by selecting a tag, and we'll forward you to your chosen item. For example, see blog posts only by selecting Blog posts.


The red dot indicator next to What's new indicates that you haven't visited the What's new tab yet. Once you've opened the tab, the red dot disappears. The latest content sits at the top.


Share feedback

The Share feedback selection lets you choose between the following two options:

- I have an issue - Use this option to report a problem. It'll create a ticket for the Productsup Solutions Team.


- I have a suggestion - Let us know how to improve your experience. Feel free to enter your suggestions, questions, or anything else on your mind. We always appreciate the feedback.


Project and site sorting

We've made it easier to find what you need by sorting through projects and sites by ID or Title.

Once you're at your Project dashboard, select the space next to the ID or Title to sort ascending or descending column entries for a project or site. An arrow appears pointing towards your chosen direction.


Select the arrow or space to ascend or descend column entries.

December 2021 platform release (2021-12-02)

Improvements - Lists feature

We've improved the Lists feature, making it easier for you to understand and use. In addition, we also added some new features and functionalities, such as:

  • Sorting and filtering - This option is available on the Lists overview page. You can now see how many and which rule boxes use your existing lists.

  • Drag and drop - You can now upload a source file using the drag and drop or browse functionality. With this update, you no longer need to host your list source files on a server. Simply upload a CSV file directly from your desktop.

  • Dynamic Replacement List - Edit replacement terms directly from an active or online source. Once you have completed making your changes to terms, they'll reflect those changes on the platform.

  • Box Connections per List - Identify which lists are being used by boxes and how the connection is set up. This information is visible on the Lists overview table and the Lists settings page.

Additionally, we've grouped and renamed list names, so they're easier to understand:

Table 1. New list categories and names

List category

New list name

Former list name


Standard Inclusion/Exclusion

Default List

Dynamic Inclusion/Exclusion

Default List URL


Standard Replacement

Normalization List

Dynamic Replacement

Normalization List URL

Attribute-based Replacement



Partner Taxonomy Mapping

Category Mapping

Classification Mapping

Classification List

New - Rule box name changes

In this update, we modified three rule box names, so they better match up with the new list names:

Table 2. Rule box name changes

New rule box name

Former rule box name



Replacement Sensitive

Normalization Sensitive

Taxonomy Mapping

Category Mapping