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July 2022 release notes

Check out the Productsup platform updates in July 2022.

We're constantly working to offer you the best Productsup experience. See the updates we released to the platform in July 2022.

Platform release

Dataflow loading time improvement

The Dataflow loading is significantly faster now. Enjoy the swiftness of our platform.

Improvement of export channels categories in Add Export

We've improved the Add Export page to help you find relevant exports. No more struggling with searching for the proper export channel among various channel categories. The new improvements are as follows:

  • As some export channels can belong to multiple categories, you can select several categories simultaneously to refine your search for a necessary export channel.

  • Now some export categories have more descriptive names relevant to the channel clusters.

    Export categories

Integrations release

Enabling video export for Facebook

We've upgraded the Facebook Dynamics Ads Video export channel to the latest FB Marketing API version (v13.0.0) to re-establish video export capability.

Upload videos to your Facebook library and use them in ads to increase clicks and conversion rates.

Facebook Dynamic Ads Video

Marketplaces release

Optimization of error feedback for listings

Now, the platform has Productsup's own powerful internal feedback loop instead of the error-prone feedback experience provided previously by Amazon. Complying with ever-changing and complex Amazon requirements has never been easier.

You can get immediate error feedback on the overall readiness of the product listing that reports incomplete or incorrect values in all affected attributes.

Marketplaces errors feedback