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August 2022 release notes

Check out the Productsup platform updates in August 2022.

We're constantly working to offer you the best Productsup experience. See the updates we released to the platform in August 2022.

Platform release

Preview and search attribute values right in Dataflow

The Productsup platform now has an option for previewing and searching attribute values in Dataflow.

This option lets you check how data optimizations affect your attribute values without switching between Dataflow and Data View. You can also search the attributes for the needed value in the Preview view of Dataflow.

Preview and search attribute values in Dataflow

See Organize your Dataflow columns and attributes.

Speed up data import with parallel processing of data sources

In the Advanced Settings tab of your data source settings page, you can now use the Parallel downloads feature to let your sites import data from all data sources in parallel instead of downloading it from each data source in a row.

If your sites have multiple data sources containing large data sets, parallel processing should significantly reduce the time it takes the platform to import your data during a site run.


The Parallel downloads feature makes multiple API calls to the data source within a short time. Your data sources must be able to handle the associated request load.

The Parallel downloads feature

See Import your data into Productsup - Advanced Settings.

Configure data import with different types of additional data sources

Productsup now offers an enhanced Content Mode panel on your data source settings page to let you choose the needed additional data source type.

Additional data source types help the platform determine what data source has priority if your main and additional data sources contain conflicting data.

Additional Data Source Types

See Enhance your products with additional data sources.

Download optimization reports in Data View

The new Download Optimization Report option in Data View lets you share reports on product data optimization with colleagues who don't have a Productsup account.

To access this option, you need to use the Analyze feature by opening the context menu in the right corner of your Data View and selecting the pie-chart icon.

Access the Analyze feature to create and download an optimizations report (gif)

Your browser opens the optimization report in a new tab where you can print or download it.

See Analyze your data in Data View.

Marketplaces release

Reduce the risk of removed and suppressed listings with attribute info boxes

In the Marketplaces app, you can now use attribute info boxes to provide product data on the listing detail page.

The explanations available for each product attribute help you better understand the expected input in each attribute field. You can fill out the listing forms correctly and reduce the risk of listing errors causing marketplaces to reject or suppress your listing placement.

Attribute info boxes provide additional explanations about the expected field input

See The Marketplaces app.

Integrations release

Twitter Dynamic Product Ads

Productsup can now export product feeds to Twitter Dynamic Product Ads. The export titled Twitter Product Data - Feed lets users export their data to Twitter and uses a flat-file approach.


See Export data feeds for more information on setting up an export.


FAB-DIS is a data exchange format popular among B2B manufacturers in multiple technical industries in France.

Productsup now supports FAB-DIS 3.0, the latest version of FAB-DIS. To let you use the latest version of this data exchange format, the platform has 12 new export channels compatible with FAB-DIS 3.0.


See Home - FAB-DIS.

See Export data feeds for more information on setting up an export.