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October 2022 release notes

Check out the Productsup platform updates in October 2022.

We're constantly working to offer you the best Productsup experience. See the updates we released to the platform in October 2022.

Platform release

Monitor your platform usage with the Usage Data Dashboard

According to the Productsup License Agreement, you get access to the platform based on a specific service entitlement. If you exceed your entitlement and overuse the platform, you face additional charges for overages.

The Usage Data Dashboard is now available in your user profile menu to let you monitor your platform usage and transparently manage your charges and overages. The dashboard displays an overview of your platform usage based on the following four (4) metrics that influence your overage calculations:

  1. SKUs

  2. Export channels

  3. Sites

  4. Users

Usage data dashboard

See Usage Data Dashboard and overage calculations for more information on overage calculations.

Marketplaces release

Pause listings submission in marketplace settings

The Marketplaces app now offers the option to pause and resume listings submission in the Settings tab of every added marketplace to increase your user autonomy and let you avoid submitting listings where data isn't fully ready.

Marketplaces with a paused listings submission have the status Inactive on the Marketplaces page, while marketplaces with an active listings submission display the status Active.

Toggle on Listing submission to turn automatic listing submission on or off for this marketplace

See Submit listings to your marketplaces.

Stay in the information loop during bulk listings submission

When you submit your listings in bulk, and some listings are missing the required data, the Marketplaces app shows you a note displaying the number of incomplete products excluded from the submission. This note doesn't block the entire listings submission process. The app sends the listings that have passed data validation to the selected marketplace while excluding only those products that failed the validation.

This note helps you identify how many products require your attention to let you fix their data issues and resubmit.

Product listings with missing data excluded from the submission

See Manual listings submission.

API release

Push data from one stream into multiple sites with Stream API

A stream is a cloud where internal systems can quickly push your product data updates to import them into Productsup sites via Stream API.

You can now use Stream API to upload your data to one stream and send it to multiple sites simultaneously. You no longer have to create a dedicated stream for each site to upload the same data to multiple sites.


This feature isn't available in Platform API. You need to switch to Stream API to get access to it. Reach out to your Client Success Manager or contact to learn more.


See Stream API at

CEPH-API migration finished for all Platform API users

The storage migration for all Platform API users is now complete. The new dedicated storage cluster CEPH-API ensures stable API performance across all platform accounts and is especially useful for large accounts sending millions of SKUs hourly.

We divided platform API users into four buckets:

  • Internal accounts bucket

  • Small bucket - accounts having up to three sites

  • Medium bucket - accounts having more than three sites

  • Large bucket

We have finished migrating all four buckets. We will continue migrating Stream API users to CEPH-API in early 2023. The migration process runs without any disruption to end users.

See Platform API at

Integrations release


Wish is an American e-commerce platform for buyer-seller transactions offering an extensive list of products and categories with 27 million active monthly users in 2022.

You can now export your product feeds to using two new exports: Wish Product Export - API and Wish Shipment Notifications Export - API. Both exports are API-based. You can also import order data from Wish into Productsup using the data source orders import v1.

You can:

  • Send new, updated, and disabled products and product variants to Wish.


    Currently, the Wish exports don't offer a capability for deleting products and product variants from Wish.

  • Import order data from Wish into Productsup.

  • Export shipment notifications from Productsup to Wish.

Wish Product Export - API and Wish Shipment Notifications Export - API

See Export data feeds for more information on setting up an export.

CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate (formerly Commission Junction) is a US-based global affiliate marketing network for advertisers and publishers. Using CJ Affiliate, Productsup customers can promote their products and services with such publishers as BuzzFeed, ShopBack, and CNN.

Productsup has added an export titled Commission Junction (CJ) - API Product Feed to let you send your export feeds to CJ Affiliate using an API. Now, the platform offers both an FTP- and an API-based export capability to send your data to this channel. Using the API export, you can send feed updates to CJ Affiliate more frequently than previously possible with the FTP option.

Commission Junction (CJ) export

See Export data feeds for more information on setting up an export.

Excel destination enhancements

Productsup export templates offer two (2) Excel destinations:

  1. Excel Spreadsheet (Productsup Server)

  2. Excel Macro Files (xlsm)

Both Excel destinations can now generate delta files for all new, changed, unchanged, and deleted products when used with delta exports. This lets you send only the modified product data to your desired export channels instead of sending your entire product catalog every time there is a change in your data.

The destination Excel Spreadsheet (Productsup Server) has received another capability. Now, it supports SFTP:

  • It can pick up an item setup sheet template from an SFTP location.

  • After populating the item setup sheet with processed product data, the destination can upload the sheet back to the SFTP location.

See Export data feeds for more information on setting up an export.

BMDG 2.0

BMDG (Building Master Data Guideline) is a data exchange format popular among manufacturers and distributors of sanitary products and heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) goods.

We have enhanced the platform with the support of BMDG 2.0, the latest version of BMDG. To let you use the latest version of this data exchange format, the platform has eight (8) new export channels compatible with BMDG 2.0.

BMDG 2.0 exports (8 in total)


Productsup still supports BMDG 1.0, providing over 20 exports that work with this format.

See Export data feeds for more information on setting up an export.