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January 2023 release notes

Check out the Productsup platform updates in January 2023.

We're constantly working to offer you the best Productsup experience. See the updates we released to the platform in January 2023.

Platform release

View your data change history in Activity Log

The Activity feature at the account level now has a new Activity Log tab. It is in beta testing.

Whenever you or someone within your organization optimizes data with rule boxes in Data View or Dataflow, the platform records such events and their details in the Activity Log tab. The tab displays information on added, edited, paused, and deleted rule boxes and provides a detailed before-and-after view for each rule box change. The new feature offers even better transparency and control over data changes.

New Activity Log tab

See View your Activity Log and Summary for more information.

Improved Dataflow AI Automapper

We enhanced the AI Automapper feature in Dataflow. Our Data Science team trained the AI Automapper on the World of Content data and tested it with a focus on advertising channels, such as Google, Facebook Dynamic Ads, Pinterest, and Criteo.

The attribute automapping is now 25% more accurate compared to the performance of the previous AI Automapper version.

We have also fixed the bugs related to the intermediate-export mapping and enhanced the pop-up notifications.

AI Automapper 2.0

Marketplaces release

Securely handle Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

Productsup lets you synchronize order data between the marketplaces and your order management system. The order data includes Personally Identifiable Information (PII), such as the buyer’s name and surname, shipping and billing addresses, phone number, payment details, and gift messages. 

To prevent compromising PII, we have strengthened our security measures by implementing:

  • Limited data retention - The system retains PII for the period necessary to fulfill the orders, but no longer than 30 days.

  • Data encryption - The system encrypts PII to ensure it is only accessible to authorized services.

These improvements let Productsup fully comply with Amazon data protection policies and handle Amazon Order Sync without any limitations.

We implemented the same security measures in other Marketplace Order Sync channels, such as eBay, Wayfair, and Mirakl.

Integrations release

Improved VTEX data source

VTEX is a SaaS solution with an auto-scaling elastic cloud infrastructure that helps its users build customer loyalty, see higher conversion rates, and have a lower total cost of ownership.

For those customers who import their data feeds from VTEX into Productsup, we improved the custom data source VTEX - API Import with Authentication, making it up to five (5) times faster and more stable.

VTEX - API with Authentication data source

We plan to release further speed and stability improvements to the data source in the next few weeks.