Add Akeneo API export

Add the Akeneo API export to export product data to Akeneo directly from the Productsup platform.


The Akeneo API v4.0 export lets you export product data to your Akeneo instance directly from the platform.

Add and set up export

To add the Akeneo API v4.0 in Productsup:

  1. Go to Exports A/B from your site’s main menu.

  2. Select ADD EXPORT and search for Akeneo Export. Select Add and confirm adding it again as an export.

  3. In the export setup, select Add Destination and choose Akeneo Export from the drop-down list. Now enter a destination Name.

  4. Enter the URL where Akeneo hosts your instance in Host.

  5. In Username and Password, enter your Akeneo credentials. For more information on API authentication, see Akeneo API authentication.

  6. In Client ID and ClientSecret, enter your Akeneo credentials.

  7. Choose one of the following CSV delimiter types in the CSV Delimiter drop-down list:

    • , COMMA

    • | PIPE


    • \t TAB

    • ~ TILDE

  8. Enter the number of elements in a batch to export in Limit (number of elements in batch).

  9. Switch Feedback import to On if you want an error file returned to the platform once your data export finishes.

  10. Leave Value Separator blank, which defaults to <###>, or define how you want to separate column values.

  11. Turn on the destination by switching Active to On.

  12. Select Save.