Billing section

The Productsup Billing section lets administrators add and change billing information.


The Billing tool allows administrators to add and change billing information. It also displays an overview of open, overdue, and settled invoices.

Access Billing by going to your admin profile menu in the top-right corner. Then select Billing.



You must be an administrator to access the Billing section.

All invoices

The All invoices tab provides an overview of all invoices, showing their status, date, invoice number, due date, total amount, and balance. It also gives you the possibility to download invoices in PDF format by selecting the down-arrows to the far right.

Payment settings

The Payment settings tab shows all payment methods that have been added to an account. You can select any payment method as the default. You can also remove unwanted payment methods by selecting the delete icon.


Add credit card

Select Add Card to add a new payment method. Enter your credit card details and confirm them by selecting Add Credit Card.



Productsup does not store any credit card data. All data will be stored with the payment provider Zuora