Set up user profile timezone

Set up a user profile's timezone in the Productsup platform.

Your import and export times reflect the timezone that you've set in your user profile.

Any timezone you set only affects your local platform's user interface (UI) under your user profile.

Therefore, you can select one timezone, whilst your colleague in another timezone may see different times for the same site.


A new user sees the default European timezone set for Berlin (GMT+1)


Change the timezone for your user profile

To gain access to where the timezone is set under your user profile, select the profile button on the top-right page, for any site on the platform:


Alternatively, go directly to your user profile .

There you will see a section for selecting the timezone.


Schedule a site for a specific timezone

The default timezone for scheduling is the timezone you have set in your user profile.

However, you can also select a different timezone for the scheduling.


To learn more about scheduling, see Scheduling.

Reporting is always in UTC

If you compare the reporting data with another tracking system (Amazon, Google Analytics), please use UTC. Otherwise, you will not be comparing the same time ranges.


The timezone for Reporting is always UTC. This cannot be changed.

To learn more about the reporting, see Reporting.