User types and permissions

Learn about the three user types and permissions in Productsup.

There are three different user types in Productsup: Administrators, Read-Write users, and Read-Only users.

Below you will find an overview of each type of user.

To learn more about how to add, delete, or change user access, see User Management.


Administrators have the option to make any changes to the account.

This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Access everything that has been added

  • Implement any and all changes

  • Create/edit/delete user profiles

  • Grant other users access to sites

  • Add or remove sites and projects

  • Edit other admin account but not delete them (except if you change their status to a user first)

In summary, an Administrator can access and modify all sites and projects within the account, regardless of whether who set them up.

Users (Read-Write)

A read-write user doesn’t have automatic access to all sites within the account, only the sites made available to them by an admin. However, they are allowed to edit the sites they have access to in any manner they please.

Users with read-write access can do the following:

  • Access the sites made available to them

  • Edit the data on the sites they have access to

  • View all features on site-level (for sites to which they have access)

  • Create new sites

They cannot:

  • Create a new user profile

  • Add new users to the account

  • See sites they do not have access to

  • See all other users

  • Give themselves more permissions

    • If they need to have access to a site they can't see or only need read permissions, an administrator needs to grant them access.

Users (Read-Only)

Users with this status can only view sites that have been made visible to them.

They cannot edit/add/remove anything in these sites.

Furthermore, read-only users are only allowed to view specific sections and do not have full access to all Productsup features. They are able to view the following areas only:


  • Dashboard

  • Data Map

  • Data Services

  • Exports A/B

  • Data View

  • Reporting


  • Dashboard

  • Authentication

  • Reporting


  • Authentication