Import orders from Amazon MWS

Import orders from Amazon MWS in Productsup.


Amazon plans to soon replace Amazon MWS API with the Selling Partner API (SP-API). To learn more, see Until then, you can continue to use Amazon MWS in the platform.


  1. In the site, choose Data Sources from the main menu, then select ADD DATA SOURCE. Next, add Amazon MWS Orders.

  2. To import your orders from Amazon MWS, enter the Access Key, Secret Key, and Seller ID that Amazon provided to you.

  3. Choose the Marketplace location.

  4. Next, select the period you want to import the orders for in Orders Created After.

  5. In Time format, enter a time format of your choice. Amazon MWS uses the ISO 8601 standard as its default format.

    Here are some examples of the ISO 8601 standard time format:

    • T09:42:45+00:00

    • T09:42:45Z

    • T094245Z

  6. You can optionally enter a custom description for the data source in Description (optional

  7. Select Save and the next manual or scheduled import will pull the data to your site.