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Set up User Management

Learn how to set up User Management in the Productsup platform.

Learn how to set up User Management, add new users, remove users, and change user access to sites and projects. To learn more about multiple user types, see User types and permissions.


To access User Management, you must be a user admin on your account.

All changes, such as adding new users, removing existing ones, and changing access permissions, must be performed by the account admin(s). The Productsup Support Team cannot make those changes.

Access User Management

To access User Management:

  • Go to User Management from your account's main menu.


Here's an overview of all users associated with your account.


Add new users

  1. Go to User Management from your account's main menu.

  2. Select INVITE USERS in the top right-hand corner of the User Management page.

  3. Add the email address(es) of those you wish to invite.

    1. You can add one email address per line to invite multiple users at once.

  4. Select if your user should have Admin or User access.

    1. After making a selection, you can give them access to the appropriate sites or projects.

    2. When adding sites or projects, you should define whether access should be Read-Write or Read-Only.

  5. Select Save.

  • The users you invited now receive an email prompting them to accept an invitation to join your Productsup account.

    • The email prompts your invited users to accept this invitation.

    • Upon accepting it, they will be prompted to configure their account by setting their name, password, email address, the country they are in, and the language they want to use in the platform.

  • After accepting the invitation, your new users will have access to Productsup.


Any invites sent to new users will be valid for 30 days. After this, the link expires. The address will then disappear from the list of invited users in your User Management.

Remove users

  1. Go to User Management in the main menu.

  2. Confirm the person you want to remove is a user. See Change user/admin role.

  3. Select the arrow to expand the drop-down menu for that user.

  4. Select Delete.


Give users access to sites/projects

To give access to users (either Read-Write or Read-Only) to sites or projects, you should:

  1. Go to User Management from your account's main menu.

  2. Select the button showing the number of sites the user has access to.

  3. Addchange, or delete access to sites and projects.

Change user/admin role

You can elevate users to administrators as well as demote administrators to users.

  1. Go to User Management from your account's main menu.

  2. To demote a person from an admin profile, select Edit from their user profile in User Management:

    1. Under settings, change their role from Admin to User.

    2. Select Save.

    3. Add any sites/projects you wish the user to have access to.

  3. To elevate a user with read-only or read-write access:

    1. Select edit on their user profile in User Management.

    2. Under settings, change the role to Admin.

    3. Select Save.