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Add monitor event for imported items increase

Add a monitor event for an increase in imported items in Productsup.


Use a monitor event to signal an increase in imported products.

Add Number of imported items increased error event

  1. First, make sure that a large fluctuation in imported products is not common for the site.

  2. Next, go to Monitor from your site-level menu and select ADD ERROR EVENT.

  3. Choose the stage Import and select Continue.

  4. Select the error event, Number of imported Items increased, then select Continue.

  5. Enter a percentage value in Threshold to trigger an error event. When exceeded, the threshold value initiates an error event notification.

  6. Choose the Severity Level that you have determined to be appropriate for the error event.

  7. Select the action(s) you want to occur in case of an error event and select Add.


If you select the Send Email Notification option, you will receive an email indicating the affected site and list name(s).

You can view the newly added monitoring event in Monitor on the All tab.

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