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Release notes

See our release notes section to learn about the latest improvements and updates to the Productsup platform.

We're constantly working to offer you the best Productsup experience. And for that, here's a summary of what's new...

February 2022 platform release (2022-16-02)

Billing and Usage dashboard feature

For our customers on the new pricing model, the Billing and Usage section now lets administrators accurately view the Usage dashboard for helpful insights into their monthly Productsup consumption. This information can be beneficial in better understanding monthly invoices.


Admins can also now set up the direct debit feature to add their bank account information in the platform for automatic payments.


You can find the Billing and Usage dashboard from your profile settings menu.

Usage dashboard

The Usage dashboard feature lets you precisely visualize the number of available SKUs, export channels, sites, and users across your accounts per month.


All invoices view

The All invoices view provides an overview of all invoices, showing their status, date, invoice number, due date, total amount, and balance.


Payment Settings view

The Payment Settings view lets you set up an automatic payment method on your account. You can choose to pay your invoices by direct debit or credit card if the Productsup Finance team has set up Zuora on your account. You can also select a default payment method or remove payment methods.


Productsup supports the following credit cards: Mastercard, Visa, and American Express and only offer the direct debit payment option for in the European, United Kingdom, and Australian regions.

To learn more about the new Billing and Usage dashboard feature, see Billing section.