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Import orders from Mirakl

Import orders from Mirakl in Productsup.


Mirakl is a SaaS, e-commerce software company headquartered in Paris. They provide online marketplace software in B2B settings.


  1. In the site, choose Data Sources from the main menu, then select ADD DATA SOURCE. Next, add Mirakl Orders.

  2. To import your orders from Mirakl Orders, you must first enter the Host and API Key that Mirakl provided.

  3. Next, select the period you want to import the orders for in Orders Created After.

  4. Enter the ShopIDs of the shops you want to import orders from. You must separate the list of ShopIDs by commas.

  5. Turn on the Collect Products setting if you need an order per item.

  6. You can optionally enter a custom description for the data source in Description (optional).

  7. Select Save, and the next manual or scheduled import will pull the data to your site.