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View runtime and estimations in the header

View your site's runtime and estimations in the Productsup platform header.


You can view your site’s runtimes in the header to give you a better understanding of run durations. View your estimated runtime or historical information, such as when a run occurred and how long it lasted.

View inactive run header information

On any site-level page, for inactive runs, hover your mouse over the Run button to view:

  • The Last run (date, time)

  • Estimated duration (amount of time)

  • Last run’s duration (amount of time)


Note: While on a site-level page, Productsup updates the Estimated duration once a minute.

View active run header information

After selecting the Run button to trigger a run, hover your mouse over Run to view:

  • Run’s estimated duration (amount of time)

  • Last run (date, time)

  • Last run’s duration (time)


View queued-run status on site-level pages

View queued-runs information on any site-level page by hovering your mouse over the Importing, Processing, and Exporting header statuses. Read a tooltip pop-up message displaying the following information:

  • There are runs on hold since (day, time)

  • The Run started (day, time)

  • Run’s estimated duration (amount of time in hours, minutes)

  • Last run’s duration (amount of time in hours, minutes)


Read more about site-level statuses in the View queued-runs in the header document.

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