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Your Productsup account

Get an understanding of your Productsup account, how to access it, and what information it contains.


The account level consists of all information in Productsup that relates to your company, such as all projects, their sites, user management, monitoring, and more.

Locate the account level in Productsup

Go to the account level in Productsup by performing one of the following actions:

  1. Select the Productsup logo in the top left-hand corner of the platform.

  2. Select your account name or the home icon in the breadcrumbs.

  3. Go directly to the link ending with your account ID.

Access the account level by performing one of these actions

The overview of your Productsup account

The account level of the platform provides you with an overview of all projects within your Productsup account.

You can select the right arrow icon (>) on a project to expand it and get an overview of its sites. For example, the expanded Tracking Data project shown on the following screenshot has a site called Tracking Data for Retailer Demo.


In the upper ribbon, you can apply various options to your projects and sites:

  • Use the search bar to find a project or a site by name.

  • Use the Filter, Recent, Exports & A/B Exports, and Tags drop-down menus to filter projects and sites based on their states, exports, and tags.

  • Select Errors. In the pop-up window, search for the desired error name, select it from the drop-down list, and choose Search. This action lets you see the projects and sites that have the error you are looking for.

  • Select the graph icon to change the view of your account overview and have a different set of columns describing your projects and sites. By default, the account overview uses the warning view, as shown in the following screenshot.

    The warning view of the account overview page

    The graph view provides such columns as ID, Title, State, Imported, Changed, Export(ed), Tags, Last Duration, and Last/Next Run.

    The warning view provides such columns as ID, Title, State, E/W, Imported, Last Duration, and Last/Next Run.

  • Perform a bulk action on multiple projects and sites simultaneously. Select Bulk Option, tick the boxes of the needed projects and sites, and select Next Step. Then, choose the desired action, select Next Step, and choose Execute.

    To go back to the account overview, select Return to account page.

  • Select Unfold all Projects to expand all projects and see all their sites in your account overview.

  • Select Download to download a list of all projects and sites within your account as a CSV file.

The overview of your account menu

On the left side of the account view, you can open the menu of your account by hovering over the blue panel to access such menu options as Overview, Dashboard, Authentication, User Management, Monitor, FTP Accounts, Activity, and Settings.


The number of available menu options depends on your user access rights. For example, the User Management menu option is only available to users with administrator rights.

See User types and access rights for more information.

Expanded account-level menu