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Edit or delete a project

Edit or delete a project in Productsup.

Once a project is set up, you can edit its name or delete it entirely.


You can use projects to organize your sites as you wish. This could be per country, per brand, per branch, or however, it suits your account and use case.

Navigate to a project

  • Go to the account level and select the project name.


Edit a project name

  1. Go to the project level.

  2. Go to Settings.

  3. Rename your project as desired.

  4. Select Save.

Delete a project


To delete a project, it must not have any sites in it. You will therefore first have to delete the sites.

This is built-in as a safeguard to ensure that your feeds cannot easily be removed.

  1. Go to the project level.

  2. Go to Settings from the main menu.

  3. Go to the Danger Area.

  4. Select Delete Project.