Work with URLs

Work with URLs in Productsup.

Shortening URLs

If you need to shorten your URL, you can do so using the shorten URL box.

  1. Add the shorten URL box


This will change the domain of your URLs.

Get Filename from URL

If you need to extract the file name from a URL, you can do so using the get filename from the URL box

For example, you could extract filename.csv from the following URL:

  1. Add the get filename from the URL box

Adding and changing URL parameters or fragments

Adding a URL Fragment

With this box, you can add a fragment to a URL.

For example, if you want to add the fragment test to the following URL http//, you could do so using the add URL fragment box.

The outcome of our example would be: http//

  1. Add the add URL fragment box

  2. Enter the fragment to add (without the #)

Adding or changing a URL parameter

You can add or change URL parameters with the add/change link parameter box. This could be very useful for dealing with tracking parameters, for example. You can both add a static parameter for all products, as well as dynamic parameters by using the values from other columns in the Platform.

  1. Add the add/change link parameter box box

  2. Enter the parameter name

  3. Enter either a static value for the parameter, or select a dynamic column


Encoding and decoding URLs

Encoding URLs

You may need to percent-encode your URLs so that they are accepted by the export partner. To do so, you can use the URL encode box:

  1. Add the URL encode box

For example:




Encoding URLs (Raw)

If you wish to raw encode a URL, you can use the raw URL encode box:

  1. Add the raw URL encode box

Decoding URLs

To decode percent-encoded URLs, you can use the URL decode box:

  1. Add the URL encode box




Appending or prepending an encoded URL from another column

If you wish to append or prepend a URL from another column and then encode the outcome, then you can use the add column URL-encoded box:

  1. Add the add column URL-encoded box

  2. Select the column from the drop-down

  3. Choose whether you wish to append or prepend this column