Add OAuth authentication to external systems

Connect Productsup to an external system and add OAuth authentication.

Authentication verifies your identity with external systems and allows access to them.

Connect Productsup with external systems by adding in your password and user information when setting up the data source. However, you can also use the OAuth method over the authentication feature. This means you do not have to add your credentials to the platform every time, connecting instead Productsup with the third-party tool only once.


Set up authentication on account, project, and site level, regardless of admin or regular-user access:

  • any authentication created on Site-level is available for this Site only

  • any authentication created on Project-level is available for every Site in the Project

  • any authentication created on Account-level is available for every Site in the Account

Adding OAuth authentication

To add OAuth authentication, you should:

  1. On the account, project, or site level, go to Authentication from the main menu and select Add authentication.

  2. Select the system you want to authenticate under Type, and you can optionally give your authentication method a name.

  3. Select Next.

  4. If applicable, select Region and choose your marketplace locale.


    Before proceeding, the platform next directs you to an external platform to finalize your authentication. After successfully completing the authentication setup, you receive a confirmation message.

  5. Select Connect to continue.

After following all the steps, your authentication now appears in the following list:


You can now use the Select your authentication button when importing data through Data Sources. To set up a data source, see Add a data source to import your products