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Set up an export destination

Learn how to set up an export destination in Productsup to use the needed method of data transfer to send data from Productsup to your export channel.


For all exports in the Productsup platform, you can choose a desired destination to send your data to.

It makes sense to use some exports in combination with a specific destination. For example, you should use the export TikTok Shop Product Export API Main (US) with the destination TikTok Shop Export Products. You can find instructions on how to set up such export-specific destinations in the documents dedicated to the relevant exports.

Other destinations are non-specific to exports. You can add and set them up for most exports in Productsup to let the platform send your export data to a desired location. This section of the help center explains how to set up these destinations.

See Find the most suitable export destination for guidance on choosing the needed export destination.