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Set up order sync for Cdiscount with the API Order Status Export

Set up Cdiscount API Order Status export in Productsup.


The Cdiscount API Order Status Export lets you sync the order status by pushing updated shipping information to Cdiscount.


  1. In the site, choose Exports from the main menu, then select ADD EXPORT. Next, add Cdiscount API Order Status Export.

  2. In the Destinations section, select Add Destination and choose Cdiscount API Order Status Export from the drop-down list. Now, enter a destination Name.

  3. The API Mode offers you three environments, prod, preprod, and sandbox. Select the environment from where you want to export orders.

  4. Enter your API Username.

  5. Enter the API Password.

  6. Select Active and switch the button to On to use the destination.

  7. Select Save.

  8. Go to Dataflow from the site’s main menu. Then choose Cdiscount API Order Status Export from the drop-down menu as the data source.

  9. Connect the following Intermediate and Cdiscount API Order Status Export column attributes, which are necessary for providing export information:

    • orderLineAcceptationState

    • orderLineProductionCondition

    • orderLineSellerProductId

    • orderNumber

    • orderState

      • orderTrackingNumber (optional)

      • orderTrackingUrl (optional)