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Enhance your import data through Data Services

Enhance your import data through Data Services in Productsup.


A Productsup data service is a tool that lets you enhance and restructure your product feed using the Data Services feature. This section covers the data services that let you enhance your product feed with additional data. See Restructure your data in Data Services for more information on the data services that let you restructure and optimize your product data.


Some data services are available at an additional cost in all platform editions. If you are unsure whether the desired data service is free, reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact

All Productsup data services fall into one of the following categories:

  • ID Generators - Enhance your products with columns containing unique product or category IDs.

  • Crawlers - Let you crawl your product or image links to extract additional product data or image properties and add them to your site.

  • Merge/Split Feed - Let you manage product variants by splitting a product into multiple product variants or merging multiple product variants into one product.

  • Implode/Explode/Group Columns - Let you manage your columns by merging and splitting them. They also help you manipulate your column values to enhance the feed with more data.

  • Exclude Rows from Import - Remove duplicate products from your feed based on product IDs.

  • Travel Services - Enrich your feed with geographical data and information related to weather and travel.

  • Pricing - Let you add price comparison data to your feed.

  • AI Services - Use machine learning to transform or enrich your data by, for example, removing image backgrounds, detecting image colors, or predicting product categories.

Productsup data services that enhance your product feed use your website pages or third-party services, such as Google Translate, Amazon Selling Partner API, and OpenWeatherMap, to add new data to your product feed.


All data services require you to:

The rest of the prerequisites are individual to each data service. You can see the relevant prerequisites in a document dedicated to the data service of your interest.

Arrange the processing order of your data services

You can add multiple data services of different types to a site. In most cases, you can also add multiple data services of the same type to a site unless otherwise specified in a dedicated data service document.

Once you have added multiple data services to a site, you can adjust their processing order in Data Services by dragging and dropping. The platform executes data services in the order arranged by the data services list found in Data Services.

arrange the order of data services


  • If one of your data services uses the output data of another data service, make sure to have the dependent data service lower on the list. The platform should execute the source data service first.

  • You can't change the stage where the platform executes a data service by dragging and dropping. You must edit the settings of a data service to do so.