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Google Product Ratings

This service is only availabale if you first fill out a form. Please find this form here.

Please also read the official Google information about Product Ratings: link here.

1. What are Product Ratings?

Google use a 5-star rating system for its Product Listing Ads (PLA). Google aggregates reviews and converts them in this star-rating system. A product needs a minimum of 3 reviews in order for its rating to be shown.

2. Where does Google get the reviews from?

Google aggregates reviews from multiples sources: - merchants (now via Google Product Ratings feed) - third-party aggregators - editorial sites - users

3. Why should I upload my reviews?

One one hand, if you sell your own brand or niche product, there is a chance that Google hasn't got reviews for your products yet. Providing reviews can increase the shopper's trust in your brand as well as the visibility of your product.

On the other hand, if your product is similar to other items (in electronics for example), positive reviews may convince the user to select your model over your competitors.

4. Is it like the same as seller rating?

Do not mix up seller rating and product rating. Seller rating is also a 5 star-rating system, but it aggregates the reviews about the shop itself (delivery, service, quality,..) and not about the specific product.

Productsup tip: check the reviews from your shop by using the following link:

Only change the last part with your domain like this:

5. How can I submit my product reviews?

After filing out the form, you can upload a XML file in the Google Merchant Center.

Official feed specifications here.

Click on +DataFeed

Choose Product Reviews as feed type.