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Add TikTok File Export for Dynamic Product Ads

Add the TikTok File Export to push your product catalog for use with Dynamic Product Ads data in your TikTok marketing channels in Productsup.


The TikTok Dynamic Product Ads feature automatically retargets users with relevant product ads based on their activities inside advertiser apps and websites.

Use the TikTok File Export to push your product catalog with enhanced product information for your Dynamic Product Ads. This channel creates a CSV catalog feed file for uploading your products to the catalog.

To export product data using delta logic, use the TikTok API export channel instead. See Add TikTok API export.

See TikTok for Business Marketing API for more information on connecting to your TikTok Ads Manager.

Add and set up the export

To add the TikTok File Export in Productsup:

  1. Go to Exports from your site’s main menu.

  2. Select ADD EXPORT and search for TikTok - File Export.

  3. Select Add and confirm adding it again as an export.

  4. In the export setup, select Add Destination and choose your desired destination from the drop-down list. You can optionally customize your destination's description in Name.

  5. Observing the Active indicator on the export's Overview page ensures your destination functions. If your destination is not active, select the Setup button and switch Active to On.

  6. Select Save.