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Productsup Platform and Stream APIs

To successfully integrate with Productsup, you must have all systems in sync. Productsup provides APIs to upload and update data and manage other processes within the Productsup Platform to build a seamless integration. 

At the moment, the following APIs are available for you:

  • Stream API - High-performance product upload or content API. See Stream API.

    • Write product data

  • Platform API - Account management API. See Platform API.

    • Project and site management

    • Get information about previous imports

    • Check errors per site run

    • Find information about channels and their history

    • Check the status of a site

    • Trigger a site run

    • Read product data

See the Productsup Platform and Stream API documentation for more information. Productsup maintains a specification file for Stream API, which you can use to generate a client. See OpenApi.

Authentication is crucial to accessing the API. You can request a token from